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CREATOR WiFi Conference System

2012-12-03 16:22:37

Meeting has become an important way for a modern society to hold activities in government, economy, culture and other fields. It plays a special role in reducing cost, enhancing image, promoting construction and creating economic benefits. Along with the rapid development of network technology and WiFi technology, WiFi Conference has gradually become the mainstream and trend of conferencing system industry.

CREATOR WiFi wireless conference system use the WIFI technology based on IEEE802.11a or IEEE802.11b standard for the transmission of voice signals. Due to the non-directional transmission, no obstacles blocking transmission, long distance transmission and other characteristics of the WiFi signal, thus it is relatively simple in configuring options. Configuring a wireless router based on the actual use of the venue area will be able to complete the signal coverage of the entire venue.

Secondly, when install wireless transmitters and receivers in the construction, it is unnecessary to consider the environment of the venue to select install bit. Site construction personnel simply select the installation location which is convenient to the actual engineering applications. They can either install wireless transmitters and receivers device directly at the venue or install it in the master control equipment room. The installation is quite flexible. After the completion of the construction, in customer acceptance stage, product debugging is also very simple.

CREATOR WiFi conferencing system products always have relatively low requirements both on adaptability to the environment and the skill requirements of engineering and technical personnel. It greatly simplifies the program configuration and application procedures of construction. It shortens preparation time on debugging before project acceptance and each meeting.

Precipitation and accumulation of 15 years in the field of audio and video, CREATOR independent R & D capabilities have been further enhanced. It has mastered the cutting-edge technology of wireless conference field. In addition to the appearance of fashion, the WiFi system's highlights lie at the leading edge of technology in the industry.

1, using standard WiFi transmission technology, it has strong ability to penetrate, not affected by personnel or communication equipment interference.

2, no wiring, no need of re-decoration works, free from the venue restrictions, 5 minutes is sufficient to complete the preparation. Conducive to improving efficiency, meeting quality and cost savings, simplify all things.

3, extended to connect digital simultaneous interpretation system, realize simultaneous interpretation function, perfect extension, custom diverse meeting space to meet diverse needs.

4, all-round status indication, luminescent LCD screen instantly displays device status, system commands, key confirmation, at a glance.

5 inhibition of howling function, effectively prevent sound feedback to produce Xiaoming, to ensure the quality of the meeting.

6, WPA/WPA2 digital encryption, provide encryption protection on conference content, increase meeting safety quality, avoid eavesdropping and malicious interference.

7, perfect sound experience, achieve the CD grade standards.

8, strong load capacity, set even up to 220 seats.

CREATOR continues to innovate in the field of audio and video, aiming at improving the scientific and technological content of the work and life, and urging CREATOR become a forward-looking international brand. With new design and standardized, specialized system, CREATOR will serve all types and all sizes domestic and international meetings.

CREATOR will be committed to build modern WiFi conferencing systems. It will spare no effort to urge modern conference room into a high degree integration of meetings, discussions, control, projection, display, net work. It will simplify the conference operation process, make the functions more powerful, and achieve extended flexibility and ease of configuration. The meeting will be more intelligent and humane. CREATOR will strengthen convergence of the era of informatization, digitalization and intellectualization, and provide a full range of competitive audio and video solutions and services!