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CREATOR New Modular Matrix CR-EC-ANY16

2014-09-19 14:36:25

CREATOR new seamlessly modular matrix CR-EC-ANY16 and its tranceivers(HDMI, SDI, VGA, DVI) is shipping available now.

CR-EC-ANY16 seamlessly modular matrix, specially applied in small & medium size meeting rooms.
Plug-in structure design, 16-way free configuration of input/output port and automatic identification input/output card. Say goodbye to port waste.

Supporting HDMI/DVI/VGA/SDI/Audio/IP signal input and output, and rack, jitter, blank screen dose not appear in the switching process.

Compact Construction, flexible in card configuration
CR-EC-ANY16 was designed in plug-in structure, brushed aluminum foil forged its body. Meanwhile it is cooling rapidly and anti-static. It can be installed in international standard 19’’ cabinet. It has 16 input and output ports, input/output interface number and card position can be customized, card type also can be identified automatically. As a result, all kinds of signals can convert freely. Hot plug technology makes CR-EC-ANY16 a powerful emergency recovery ability, better extendibility and flexibility. When you have signal change requirement, what you can do is just insert or extract any board card without the machine powered off.

Full digital seamless switch
New CR-EC-ANY16 modular matrix adopting CREATOR special video coding technology, all video signal can be processed into networked and transmitted in low-bandwidth. Built-in high speed DSP processor ensures in-time seamless switching.

High output resolution
CR-EC-ANY16 supports for HDCP1.3、DVI1.0 protocol, scaler. The input and output resolution can up to 1920×1080@60Hz.

Long transmitter distance
CR-EC-ANY16 supports many video inputs, such as PC, DVD, notebook, etc. When cooperate with CREATOR ANY series transmitter, the maximum transmission distance of STP can reach 100 meters.

Simple software management system

New CREATOR independently developed software management system has a intuitive interface and operation is very easy. What’s more, engineer can custom commands sent time as well as sending times.