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Agriculture Department of Guangdong Province Rural Economic Situation Analysis Conference

2014-10-31 17:17:48

Agriculture Department of Guangdong Province had a remote video conference about rural economic situation analysis. The meeting was aimed at carry forward the spirit of implementation of the national agricultural department symposium and the entire province economic situation analysis conference of the first of half year of Guangdong province.

Conference also comprehensively analyzed the current agriculture and economic situation of rural areas of Guangdong province, studied the deployment of the next step of work and discussed how to complete the task for agriculture and rural areas throughout the year smoothly. Zheng Weiyi, director of agriculture department of Guangdong province, attended the meeting and made a speech. Office leaderships and main heads of office attended the meeting, agency header of regions watched the meeting synchronously.

CREATOR Full Digital Wireless Conference System Products in the Conference:

Encryption WiFi conference controller CR-WiFi6201

WiFi conference discussion unit CR-WiFi6202/04B

WAP wireless access point CR-WF30

WiFi special unit charging box CR-WFDS06

HD camera CR-V1013

HD automatic camera tracking controller CR-MVC6300