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Cascade Test of CR-EC-ANY24

2014-11-12 12:04:48
These days, CREATOR engineers are working on a big test for a new product CR-CE-ANY24 in R&D center. CR-EC-ANY24 is a professional digital presentation matrix which has 24 input/output channels. This advanced new test proved that three units of CR-CE-ANY24 can be cascaded together and work perfectly as a huge system!

ANY series matrix is designed to be a very flexible modular matrix. You can casually set the number of input/output card, means you can set 24 channels as 1 input and 23 outputs or 12 inputs and 12 outputs. So we won’t waste card anymore.

This time our engineers cascaded three units of CR-CE-ANY24, excluding 4 necessary cascading cards, we still got 68 channels to transmit video signals. The 68 channels also can be casually set to be input or output port. So our ANY series products are not only suitable for small & middle applications, but also for high-end large application.

We are so happy to see these special products did so perfect job in promoting the flexibility and stability of traditional matrix. We can see the three matrixes transmitted all kinds of signal, including HDMI, DVI, VGA, IP, SDI, to a video wall and the video switching is seamless.

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