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CREATOR New Wireless Conference System CR-WiFi63 Series is Available Now

2014-11-25 16:23:06
CREATOR new powerful wireless conference system CR-WiFi63 series now is available. It is a combination system of wired and wireless conference system. Using the domestic leading technology, it can automatically track mobile unit by the camera. Besides, conference voice with a low delay, no compression transmission which can ensure the most perfect sound quality in every meeting.

Built-in high performance CPU, sets translation, discussion, attendance, voting, electronic plate as a whole, 5G WiFi frequency band providing high speed voting, message transmission. And the use of WPA/WPA2 wireless security technology ensured the privacy of meeting. This conference system can be ready for a really short time and it is appropriate for conference room at any scale, any form or any field.

Perfect combination for wired and wireless conference system
The encryption WiFi conference controller CR-WiFi6301 can make the perfect combination of wired and wireless conference system. It can most support 4000 wired conference units, 240 wireless conference units CR-WiFi6302/04B. Whilst, it is totally compatible with DIG full digital conference system, the wired conference units are designed to connect circularly. Both wired and wireless conference units support PC software management and safety management. CR-WiFi6301 supports the conference unit partition, support 4 speakers partition output, it can effectively improve the microphone gain to avoid howling, any one output interface can be connected to the remote video conference system. CREATOR pay much attention on details to make sure every successful meeting.

Camera automatic tracking function
CR-WiFi6301 supports a variety of camera control protocols of VISCA, PELCO-D, SAMSUNG, CREATOR. With CREATOR matrix or controller, it can realize camera automatic tracking and WiFi conference unit mobile tracking.

WPA/WPA2 wireless security technology protect your conference
CR-WiFi6301 adopts the WPA/WPA2 wireless security technology to ensure the conference confidentiality, and to avoid wiretapping and malicious interference.

Top-level voice quality and advanced short delay technology
CR-WiFi63 series using the uncompressed audio transmission and 48K sampling rate ensure 20Hz~2KHz bandwidth perfect sound. Support 4 speakers partition output, it can effectively improve the microphone gain to avoid howling. Using 32 bit high speed DSP floating-point processing, supporting 2 channel audio output simultaneously, acoustic feedback suppression, noise elimination and digital equalization provide high sensitive and perfect sound. The CREATOR country’s leading low delay technique makes the output minimum delay from microphone to speaker is less than10ms.

Support wireless and wired conference simutaneously
The new system can support wireless and wired conference discussion unit simultaneously. It means your conference will get free from traditional simple styles when you use CREATOR WiFi63 series. You can lay out your conference room casually according to the environment room even just follow your idea.

CREATOR CR-WiFi63 series products are available now. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about these products and our company.We also appreciate if you can give our some advice about our products!