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How does matrix break through tradition?

2014-12-04 11:08:53

Traditional matrix switcher has a shortage that it can’t use input and output port neatly, thus makes the waste of lots of signal ports. Besides, the image quality of switching sometimes also isn’t so ideal than we expect. Manufactures are working hard to solve these problem by promote technology. Then we got such words: seamless, HD, cascade, ect.

Aiming at simplifying systematic integration and achieving high-end application, CREATOR launches ANY series modular matrix which is a first-ever extreme flexible matrix. The input and output interfaces haven’t been set yet, you can arbitrarily set up an NxN switcher by demands, such as 1x23, 12x12 or 22x2. This flexible design makes critical sense to practical application. Whilst, there is no rack, jitter, blank screen in the seamless switching process.

Features of CE-EC-ANY24:

● True real-time seamlessly switch.
● The input and output interface can be arbitrarily customized.
● Automatically recognize input and output card, support hot plug.
● Plug-in power module design.
● Support all kinds of video signals input.
● Support frequency doubling, upscaling, scaler.
● In line with HDCP standard, compatible with HDMI 1.3a.
● Support HDCP 1.3, DVI 1.0 protocol.
● Seamlessly switch audio and video.
● Plug-in structure design, flexible configuration and arbitrarily switch and transmit multiple input and output signal type.
● Be capable of TCP/IP network control, serial control and external keyboard control.
● Set up NxN switcher by demands.
● Network input and output card, can cooperate with the CREATOR ANY series transmitter, the maximum transmission distance of STP can reach 100 meters.
● Support cascade.
● Resolution support: 800X600@60Hz, 1024X768@60Hz, 1280x720@60Hz, 1280x768@60Hz, 1280x800@60Hz, 1280X960@60Hz, 1280X1024@60Hz, 1600X1200@60Hz, 1920X1080@60Hz.

We are happy to announce CREATOR NEW generation modular matrix CR-EC-ANY24 is available now. It’s a good choice for small and medium-sized conference room, performance hall, exhibition hall, gymnasium, command center, ect.

Welcome to contact us if you want to know more about these products and our company. We also appreciate that if you can give our some advice about our products!