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What Digitalization Has Done to Our Conference Room?!

2015-01-14 13:52:52

Good user experience is always the important thing that CREATOR pursues. So, we attach more and more attention to providing optimum audio/video solutions for our users and clients on the basis of good product quality in these years.
CREATOR had a new role as an audio/visual solution provider and manufacture in 2014. It means CREATOR Corporation is not only manufacturing and selling products as many traditional manufacturers did anymore. We only provide product list and quote after we knowing well of client’s requirements to ensure we will provide optimum product type and cost-controlling solution.

Today we will learn a very neat conference room design case study with CREATOR flush mount discussion units to collocate the whole design of conference desk and the whole room. We can see they are made in heaven with the black band on the desk. And the whole room is turning to a very delicate and comfortable place. It’s truly a big success as clients thought.

Meantime, the projector, projector screen, HDTV, lights and electric curtain are integrated controlled by CREATOR network programmable controller PGMⅢ. Users do not need to hang around the whole room to control the things he wanted anymore. Instead, he can just sit on the chair and use a touch screen to get everything controlled in hand.




That’s how digitalization affects our conference room.

Project installed by X-able System Technology Co.Ltd.