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Don’t Miss It Again!

2015-02-02 13:51:34

It has been a long several months since the first show of CREATOR new generation presentation scaler/switcher CR-iMAX901HD on InfoComm USA 2014 at Los Angeles. There is no doubt that CR-iMAX901HD attracts much more attention than other signal management products for its compact design and robust function.
Many visitors told us they are very interested in it and hope to see it soon when it is shipping available. Some of our acquainted partners and clients told us that they want to order some on and after the exhibition. We are very appreciated for their kindness to share user experience and give us feedback in last few months. Now let’s share some of it.

Multi-media conference room
The feature of multi-media conference room is multiple types of input signals, such as VGA for pc, HDMI for notebook, CVBS for DVD, DisplayPort for Mac, etc when output device is simple (a project or a HD TV). Mike, one of our old friends from France, said he was very happy to see this scaler/switcher can solve all the signal problems in a conference room and that makes his job on finishing a solution more effectively and simple than before when using scalers with little signal interface. What’s more, he favorites the new EDID function of scaler. Cooperated with LCD display and buttons, users can learn how to manage it in a short time. That means a lot in real project requirements.

Command center

Modern command center is following the trend of digital. CREATOR had many cases of command center in 2014. Most all of them are equipped with digital conference system, video wall and intelligent integrated control system to make their work more efficient and action in time. Time is very important for any emergent event.
CR-iMAX901HD can switch different input signals to the video wall and output audio signals to amplifier and loud speakers in real time. All the files can be transmitted and shown on the video wall and all the statement can be output clearly. Thus, attendees can share their viewpoint intuitively and make discussion organically.


“The only flaw of it is that the output resolution can’t reach 4K, high video resolution is a future popularity in broadcast industry.”
We are very appreciated for your advice! Yes, the output resolution of CR-iMAX901HD can reach up to WUCGA (1900x1200) now and it is not enough for future. But CREATOR will never stop to pursue higher technology. If you come to visit our booth on #IES2015, you will find we have awesome 4K products for different applications now. Sure we can do it!

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