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[ISE2015]Wireless IR Simultaneous Interpretation Solution

2015-02-09 16:45:18
As the development of economic globalization, international business is growing frequently. Meanwhile, we can witness from the news, international communication between countries also increase. Under the background of different cultures and languages, intuitive communication is always an obstacle for most people. So that’s why we can see people in big international congress wearing headphones on their head. It’s simultaneous interpretation system that works.
Besides the big international conference like APEC, many international corporations also prepared to equip this system for their daily work and business. The same thing that they require is to have a natural communication when conference attendees have many different languages but need to discussing for solving the same problems.

There comes to a stunning solution for these occasions — simultaneous interpretation system. Now let’s take some notes of it with CREATOR digital wireless IR simultaneous interpretation system for example.

Application occasion:
Any international conference occasion if needs language interpretation in government, house of worship, hotel, corporation, and so on.


Digital infrared transmitting controller CR-IR3000A
8/16 channel infrared receiver CR-IR3002A
High performance infrared radiation panel CR-IR3001
Fully digital conference system translation unit CR-DIG5203E3
The infrared receiving unit charging box DS40A

CREATOR digital wireless IR simultaneous interpretation system can apply full-digital modulating technology. With this system, the translator simultaneously interpreting the language according to the speaker’s original voice and the translated languages are transmitted to the whole meeting hall via modulated IR signal and can be received by the delegates with the earphone and the IR receiver with preferred channel on the language they understand.

Technical analysis: The controller encodes the audio signal, then compress and modulate it to many carrying waves and transmit it to the radiation panel. The radiation panel emits the carrier signal via IR light. The IR receiver receives, modulates and converts the signal into audio output or other data.


Using IR to transmit, can promise high conference confidentiality;

Advanced digital technology: full-digital DQPSK;

2-6M frequency, free from the interference of fluorescent light and system is very stable;

Flexible channel selection, natural user experience;

Very simple for installation and maintenance with wireless transmission.

There is no limit for the number of receivers.

Cases: (only part)

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