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One of the Highlights in ISE

2019-02-25 11:22:52

During 5 to 8 February at the RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands, Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) was held successfully. ISE is the world’s largest exhibition for AV and systems integration and was the largest to date in terms of both exhibition space and attendee registrations.

The famous audio/visual solution provider & manufacturer, CREATOR, was one of the highlights in ISE, bringing many new products to the exhibition:


CREATOR Interactive Whiteboard: The CREATOR Interactive Whiteboard is a new generation of intelligent office terminal, which integrates functions such as electronic whiteboard, multimedia playing, remote collaborative office, local projection, and smartphone/tablet sharing. It is developed with high-definition LCD display, combined with capacitive, pressure-sensitive touch technology and multiple IT technologies. It has advanced functions such as smooth writing, looping correction, frame selection sharing, frame selection zooming, frame selection dragging. The terminal integrates demonstration and interaction, and is an efficient solution for various industries such as information office, teaching and training.


Programmable modular multimedia control system: NET-4000 is Programmable modular multimedia control system. The terminal port is flexible in configuration, and it can perform one-touch personalized control of sound and photoelectric equipment such as power amplifier, lighting, and curtains. And its seamless switching function can achieve output picture segmentation and arbitrary picture-in-picture effects. The interaction of any two points in the local area network can be easily realized by the terminal. The terminal's unique audio decoding technology. Widely used in teaching, conference halls, multi-purpose lecture halls and other occasions.

4K Modular Video Matrix Switcher:

The UHD-MAX modular matrix switcher series are a group of flexible configuration switchers which can cross-switch multiple types of signals. High-performance hardware design ensures its support for various high definition digital and analog signals, bi-directional RS232 and IR control and signal management. Resolution up to 4K*2K, it can provide one-stop solution for multiple types of visual signals and control signals switching and processing in various industries, especially for Broadcasting and Television Projects, Multimedia Meeting Rooms, Big Display Projects, TV Education, Smart Traffic Management Centers, and Command Center, etc.


Time flies so fast and the exhibition is very short. Technology is developing, customer’s requirement is improving, CREATOR is also moving forward. CREATOR will bring more advanced and excellent products in the future.