4K H-CAT receriver

CR-uCAT5 HDMI 4KR-70 (Receiver for short) is a HDMI extender used to extend HDMI signals up to 70 meters (1080p) and 40 meters (4K) over a single CatX cable. The receiver works with the transmitter CR-uCAT5 DWT-70, With RS232 pass through over a single CatX cable, the HDMI extenders offer RS232 control and firmware upgrading needs. They are ideal for applications, such as homes, offices, digital entertainment centers, control centers, conference rooms, schools and corporate training environments, which require the distribution of an HDMI source signal to a single HDMI display over long distances.


● Slim appearance and space saving
● Supports 4K signal transmission distance up to 131feet (40 meters), full HD 1080p signal transmission distance up to 230 feet(70 meters) via a single Cat X cable
● Support bi-directional PoE
● Transfer bi-directional infrared control signal together with the HDMI signal
● Use a pair of Transmitter and Receiver to extend HDMI signals without additional settings
● HDMI 1.4 with 4K@30Hz
● HDCP compliant
● RS232 ports supports firmware upgrade or signal control
The actual signal transmission distance can vary and depends on signal resolution, cable quality, graphics card, and display used in the system.