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Development Milestones

CREATOR is a leading Chinese manufacturer of conference system, central control unit, and switchers. We are capable of offering efficient conferencing solutions.

1997 CREATOR was established.
1998 We developed China's first programmable central control unit and successfully opened the market.
2000 CREATOR R&D center was founded, commitment to new product development.
2001 CREATOR products were widely used in the electricity, telecommunications, transportation, government, public security, military, sports, medical, and other fields.
2003 We introduced the SMT production equipment from world-renowned FUJI and set up the SMT processing center.
2004 CREATOR launched the matrix system and conference system.
2005 We expanded our plant and our R&D center occupied 2,000 square meters.
2006 We set up a mold factory and developed the world's first touch screen video PIP.
2007 CREATOR speeded up exploring overseas market and successively established branches in Singapore, the United States, and Australia.
2009 CREATOR entered the field of large LED display splicing.
2010 We created the first set of LED multi-screen visualized network control platform in China.
2011 Our Shenzhen Branch was established.
2012 CREATOR launched the world's first 5G WIFI conference system.
2013 We launched "CM" modular HD transmission and switching systems and established Shandong branch as well as Chengdubranch.

In the past?0 years, CREATOR has created one after another successful case and completed historic missions again and again. We made a contribution to the success of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, AU Summit, United Nations General Assembly, Guangzhou 2010 Asian Para Games, and China-Eurasia Expo.

By virtue of our high quality products and attentive services, we are able to provide the most perfect solutions for the radio and television, sports, exhibition, and other fields.

The rapid development of CREATOR is inseparable from the support and participation of everyone. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you and create a better future!