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Forest Fire Management Department in Hebei

2014-11-26 15:00:56

Forestry Department is a government department which plays a very critical role in ecological protection and forest fire management. Hebei province has vast territory and abundant forest resource, thus makes it a tough work for protection.

Recently, they finished a new department command center and achieve digital control pattern. The command center has a video wall and a conference system to meet better monitor and discussion function. The signal management requirement is catered by CREATOR large-scale modular matrix switcher CROSS-MAX7272. It transmits and switches all the audio/video input signals out to the video wall or speakers and so on. Consider of the long distance from input signal to CROSS-MAX7272 and the output device, we also prepared corresponding signal transmitters and receivers.

Center control is also function well with CREATOR network programmable controller PGMⅢ and 15 inch true color touch screen CR-LAN15, users can also control signal input and output in CROSS-MAX7272 via touch panel interface.