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Yunnan Nationalities University

2014-12-11 14:55:50

Founded on August 1, 1951, Yunnan Nationalities University (YNU) is located in Kunming, a beautiful city with mild weather all year around. YUN is one of the key universities in Yunnan and also one of the earliest ethnic universities in China. With the development of more than half a century, YUN has become a multi-discipline and multi-program university with diversified student sources.

Recently, YNU newly constructed a multi-media report hall which is actually a modern full digital report and meeting hall. You can see CREATOR total three series products here.

Digital wired conference system products containing conference controller CR-M4101 as well as pure discussion units CR-M4102/04B take the conference function.

New flexible signal management product 16 channel modular matrix CR-EC-ANY16 performs a very important role in transmitting and switching all the videos in the hall. All the light, switch, audio device even conference system are integrated controlled by CREATOR control system which is consisted of a network programmable controller PGM and a 8 inch touch screen CR-Wireless G7pip.

Other products in this project:
Professional Power amplifier from QSC
Audio Processor from Symetrixv