High performance network programmable controller

CR-PGMⅢ is a network communication controller as a result of CREATOR’s independent research and development. The frequency of 32 bit embedded processor is up to 667MHz, with ARM11CPU, 256M RAM, 1G Flash memory.
● ARM11 CPU, 256M ram, 1G Flash memory.
● Using 32 bit embedded processor with 667M frequency.
● 8 independent programmable infrared transmission interfaces, support controlling many sets of the same or different infrared equipments.
● 8 independent programmable RS-232/422/485 control interfaces, user programmable Multiple control protocols and codes.
● 8 weak relay interfaces.
● 8 digital input / output IO interfaces.
● Two kinds of network communication: CR-LINK, CR-NET, Ethernet.
● USB2.0 programming interface.
● Embedded infrared learning device, convenient debugging and maintenance.
● Support local and remote control.
● The international general wide voltage (AC100 - 240V), can be wildly applied in any countries and regions.