Wall-mounted type spherical camera

Wall-mounted type high speed preset ball type camera can monitor the whole venue. It has automatic cruise surveillance function; level 360 degrees continuous rotate; without monitoring blind spot. All situations are displayed clearly; With CR-PGMII, wired / wireless touch screen to achieve camera tracking.


● High performance digital DSP design with perfect function, stable performance.

● Internal set data will not lose after the power.

● Integration design, compact structure, high reliability.

● 128 preset free storage, accurate positioning.

● Automatic cruise surveillance.

● Control based on RS-485 bus.

● DC motor with low speed, stable operation.

● Precision motor drive, smooth running, sensitive reaction.

● Level 360 - degree continuous rotation, no surveillance area.

● Rotation speed automatically adjusts according to the lens transformation ratio.

● The vertical direction of 180 degrees, automatic turning continuous monitoring.

● Automatic aperture, auto focus, auto white balance.

● Backlight compensation function, in a strong light background can see all objects.

● Night vision function; automatic conversion of COD illumination according to the change of environment light.