16 channels infrared transmitting controller

CR-IR3000A series digital infrared transmitting controller is the core of digital infrared voice distribution system. The HD audio signals are depressed and decoded. Full digital DOPSK modulation and transmission. System can transmit


● In accordance with IEC 61603-7 and IEC 60914.

● With the digital DQPSK modulation technology.

● High-speed DSP processing.

● The high frequency (2-6MHz, IEC61603 BAND Iv), is not affected by the high frequency driving light interference.

● Input level indication function, controller front panel LED lamp can display the input state of the corresponding channel.

● With 16 channel external audio input.

● Support connecting the DIG conferencing system, 16 road digital audio input.

● With 16 audio outputs, can be used to monitor or connect cassette recording.

● With 4 signal output interface (BNC), is used for connecting the radiation panel.

● The power input is 100V-240V, 50-60Hz. It has to undergo a high voltage (3500V) test, to ensure compliance with safety standards.

● The controller shell made of metal materials, line and the shell strengthened with wire connection, ensure the capability of antistatic 8000V.