8/16 channels infrared receiver

Using the latest electronic technology and special chip, guarantee the best performance and the longest battery life. Ergonomic design infrared receiver can receive the infrared signal well. With channel selection function and volume adjustment function.


● In accordance with IEC 61603-7 and IEC 60914.

● Be compatible with the use of With the IEC 61603-7 protocols like Bosch.

● Full digital DQPSK demodulation technology.

● The high frequency (2-6MHz, IEC61603 BAND IV), is not affected by the high frequency driving light interference.

● Button type channel selection, can receive 8/16 audio channels.

● Status indication of channel number of large screen LCD display, battery power and signal.

● Be free to adjust the volume size.

● No noise. When the signal is too low, the signal is automatically mute, ensure that users receive only high quality signal.

● Appearance design is exquisite, wear-resistant, the receiver can be hung on the chest, also can be placed in the pocket of a jacket, flexible and convenient use.

● Without the seat limit, representatives can arbitrarily walk in the signal transmission range.

● In the effective range of the infrared radiation, increasing the number of receiving unit is not restricted.

● If the receiver can not receive the signal for 5 minutes, the earphones shuts off automatically after being plugged .