Digital interpreter unit

CR-M4103E3 is a interpreter unit with clear distinction of functions. It has a simple, intuitive appearance. It enjoies powerful function for carring out 1 1+1 multilingual simultaneous translation, direct translation and indirect translation at the same time. The CREATOR original audio high frequency increase and compensation technology
provides clear sound compensation, venue space effect compensation, and pure audio restoration.


● Listening and speaking with headphones.

● Using special 8 core high density aviation connector.

● Heart-shaped directive capacitance pickup; with double color indicating light; Speaking as red, applying as green.

● With 2 meters of connection cable.

● The knob type plug rod.

● With loudspeaker, earphone jack and a volume adjusting knob.

● The system controller can maximumly connect to 36 translation units for11+1 languages simultaneous interpretation (including the original channel).

● With indirect translation and direct translation function.

● Translation units can consist of two (or more) interpreter system.

● Corresponding relationship between language and channel can be set by setting mode.

● With help application function.

● With cough relieving function.

● The translation unit can be set as monitor unit.

● With two groups of microphone and earphone interface.

● Unit is a passive device; the power is supplied by system controller; the input voltage is 24V.