Full digital interpreter unit

CR-DIG5203E3 is a fully functional translation unit. It can simultaneously realize 31+1 language simultaneous translation, direct translation and indirect translation functions.


● Digital audio technology, built-in high-speed DSP processing.

● 20Hz-20KHz perfect sound.

● Blue 320x64 LCD screen.

● Heart-shaped directivity capacitance pickup, with double color indicating light, speaking as red.

● With 2 meters of cable.

● The knob type plug rod.

● With loudspeaker, earphone jack and a volume adjusting knob.

● With indirect translation and direct translation functions.

● Internal communication.

● Short message.

● Tea application.

● With the cough relieving function.

● Can be set as the operator.

● With two groups of the headset microphone and earphone interfaces.

● The speaker and the headset’s volume should be regulated alone.

● Support the headset microphone and plug rod microphone.

● The volume size indication function.

● Input channel shortcuts.

● Output channel shortcuts.

● The timing function.

● Translation unit number almost unlimited.